Little Paranoias by Sonora Taylor

First, I love the title. It's perfect for a short horror story collection. Isn't that what we read dark stories like this for? That little chill/thrill that opens our eyes up wide in the middle of the night when we hear a noise. It's something that's baffled my mother about my since I was small myself. 

Little Paranoias is a mix between longer short stories and flash fiction. The effect is that I was never quite sure how long a story would be or what to expect. There were four stories that I particularly enjoyed:

Weary Bones - The collection opens with a tale about a failed attempt to cheat death and gain a second life. More touching than terrifying, "Weary Bones" moved me in ways I did not expect from a horror collection. 

Always in my Ear - This story of estranged friends reuniting is also oddly heartwarming (I mean other than all the murder). 

Stick Figure Family - A twist on those stick families people put in their car windows that I enjoyed. I never had one of those stick families myself. As soon as I started to consider one for my car, they were EVERYWHERE.

Hearts are Just "Likes" - A modern retelling of The Tell-Tale Heart that serves as a clever commentary of influencer culture and some people's desperate need for online validation.


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