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Book Review: Forgotten Ones: Drabbles of Myth and Legend

  Review also posted on Goodreads Published by: Eerie River Publishing      A Drabble is a type of flash fiction that is exactly 100 words, not including the title. As you can imagine, presenting a complete, well written story in such a short piece is a challenge. Since reading this collection, I have been inspired to try my hand at writing a few drabbles myself and it is not easy. This is the first collection of drabbles I have ever read. The vast majority are perfectly unsettling and thought provoking. The stories are all based on myths and legends. There are a number from different cultures that fell a bit flat with me because I wasn't familiar with the references, but there were more than enough in this collection that worked for me. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of mythology can find something in here to enjoy. I will say that a collection of drabbles is hard to read straight through, but it is excellent for casual reading on the go or when you just want a little chi