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Accidental Death by Ruth Anna Evans

I found Ruth Anna Evans through Twitter and have become a quick fan. Her work is always dark and upsetting, but cathartic in that special way good horror is. Accidental Death, her latest short, is a heavy, but engaging read. I blasted through it in one sitting and even though I knew something horrible was going to happen, I had to see it through.  Jeremiah is a young man struggling with his responsibilities as a new parent. He makes a series of choices with dire consequences. What is particularly chilling about this story is that anyone could make the same choices. A night out with the guys or stay at home? Rush to the hospital after a few beers or let someone else drive? These are the choices that many face just in their regular lives. Unfortunately for Jeremiah, he chooses poorly and destroys several lives. The first half introduces us to Jeremiah and even though it's only a short story, I felt like I knew Jeremiah well. Evans brings him and his little family to life quite effici