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Monthly Microfiction - "Rosie"

  Rosie     “The baby’s already asleep. Thanks again for watching him last minute. I really need this shift,” said  Ann as she rushed out.     I sat on the couch, ready for an easy night with Netflix and a baby monitor. A small girl padded her  way into the room.     “I’m cold,” she said and coughed.     “What’s your name?” I asked. Ann had only mentioned the baby.     “Rosie.”     “I’m Leticia. Come sit on the couch, Rosie.”     Rosie climbed up and I hurried around the house collecting all the blankets I could find. Her cough  worsened and no matter how many blankets I brought, she wouldn’t stop shivering. Finally, I climbed  onto the couch and held her tight. I gasped at the iciness of her skin. As I held her, she grew warm, but  my body began to grow cold. By the time Ann came home, I was the one freezing and coughing and  Rosie was sleeping soundly.     I met Ann in the kitchen and through chattering teeth told her how well behaved they both were and  then led her back to the livi

Book Review: Dark Nature: A Horror Anthology - The Macabre Ladies

  This past summer, temperatures broke records across North America. Towns had to be evacuated from the resulting fires. Even the ocean itself was aflame when an oil pipeline burst in the Gulf of Mexico. Startling reminders that the damage we do to our planet has real consequences. But will we listen and change our ways? Dark Nature, an anthology by The Macabre Ladies features thirteen stories about Mother Nature's revenge against humanity for the destruction we have wrought. From trees that swallow people, to vengeful lizards, and even werewolves in space, each story is unique, well-written, and unnerving.   My personal favourites are: The Cicada’s Song by M.Betterelli High tension from start to finish. This is a gripping tale that refuses to be put down until the end of the story. In the Wych Elm by Emma Kathryn I enjoyed the folk tale elements of this story and the development of the main character. Polarion by Shea Herlihy-Abba  More than just a tale of werewolves in space, th

Book Review: If It Bleeds by Stephen King

It's been a while since I read a Stephen King book. Typically, I read a couple of his books a year, sometimes more. Lately, I've been so busy reading other work and writing my own that I've drifted from my Constant Reader status. I was starting to wonder if I were moving on in my tastes and losing interest in his work. His last few books, while good, didn't grab me the same way he used to. I picked up the audiobook for If It Bleeds mostly because I had some extra Audible credits I forgot I had. And learned that I haven't outgrown my love for King's work after all. Listening to this audiobook was like falling back into old, comfortable patterns. Snuggling into a warm blanket and drinking coffee on a Sunday. If It Bleeds features four novellas and while I enjoyed all four, I question the collection. I couldn't sense any reason these four would be grouped together except that they were all written by King. I tried to find some connecting theme or idea, but any