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Pennywise: Felt Toy

I am a bit of a contradiction sometimes. I still love Disney Princesses, but I also enjoy horror movies and dark stories. One of my little cousins also shares these interests. One of her favourites is Pennywise the Clown. Last year for Christmas, I made my first felt toys for her: The Pattern was created by Cutest Voodoo on Etsy. I've been working on my hand sewing skills off and on for years now. I can do a few basic things on a machine, but I just find hand sewing more satisfying and fun, even if it does take longer. These felt toys are completely handmade. The details on the face are partially embroidered and part felt. I was impressed with how easy these were to make. Cutting them out took the longest, but the sewing was fairly quick. For the felt, I ordered a Merino Wool Blend from Gingermelon . This felt was soft and easy to work with. Also, the colours were perfect. The toys were a big hit with my cousin, although she was just as afraid of them as she was happy to have the