Graveyard Smash: Women of Horror Anthology Vol. 2 - Kandisha Press

 Welcome to my first post of Women in Horror Month 2022*


To start us off, I read and enjoyed my first Women of Horror Anthology by Kandisha Press. Each story in this collection falls under the theme of "Graveyard Smash", but still offers plenty of variety. While these are horror tales, none were too gory for me (though some came close) and I honestly enjoyed each story.

My favourites:

Until There's Nothing Left - J.A.W. McCarthy

The collection opens with a heartbreaking tale of a young woman with an unusual power and her efforts to deal with loss and grief. This story brought tears to my eyes, even as it sent chills down my spine.


The Clockmaker - Sonora Taylor

Easily my favourite story in the collection. With elements of fairy tales, Taylor weaves a story about a clockmaker who lets his pride get the better of him, with horrific results.


The Chimes ad Midnight - Paula R.C. Readman

A creepy little ghost story about murder and betrayal. This story was chilling and a delight to read. I always enjoy a good ghost story.


Atmosphere - Ally Peirse

From the engaging opening sentence right to the end, this story was gripping and a perfect wrap up to the collection. Vicky, a young reporter hungry for her first big story, heads to the local brewhouse. There she finds out that her small town is not as boring as she once thought. Peirse keeps readers on their toes and offers a different interpretation of the theme.

*I'm aware this is shifting to March due to Black History Month and I'll be posting reviews by Black authors in March 2022. In 2023, everything will be celebrated in the correct order.


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