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Book Review: It Calls from the Sky

                                                                                             A chilling collection of short horror stories featuring creatures that come from the sky. This is the first book from the It Calls series by Eerie River Publishing that I have read, and I hope to read more. Each story here is dark, twisted, and well-written. Despite the common theme, there is a wide variety of tales and creatures. I was impressed at how many different sky monsters there could be in one collection. My particular favourites are: Tenure by V. A. Vazquez - What sets this story apart is that the main character isn't present for the action. He's filling out a tenure application and receives updates through the telephone. This serves to make the tension all the stronger because we, the reader, like the character, are helpless to stop the horror and have to wait for updates. It's an effective writing technique. Heads in the Clouds by Matthew Brady - A story about a brother

First Publication

Introducing a new section to my blog: Publications! I have recently started writing and submitting short stories to various publications and am proud to announce my first acceptance. It's a Halloween themed flash fiction piece about an eerie costume party.  If you're curious, click on the link at the top and check it out. Hopefully, this is just the first of many acceptances.