Justice League Ready to Stitch

I picked up cross-stitching as a hobby to do while I watch TV and my first few pieces were gifts for my family members. I don't have pictures of all of them, but one of the earliest series I did was one featuring Justice League logos. 

All of them were made on Ready-to-Stitch Frames that I found at Michael's. These are great. The aida cloth is already stretched over a frame and they are the perfect size for small pieces. They also cost around $13 for 3, so they are relatively inexpensive.



They are all based on free patterns I found on the internet and then adapted to suit the medium. I don't have links to them all anymore, but I will add them as I find them again. 


I made the Flash one first and it's hard to tell, but it is made with two alternating shades of red. I learned that stitching the entire background takes forever and that is why the Batman logo is on black aida cloth and the others do not have full backgrounds.

One of the modifications I made was the Superman logo. I added just a hint of blue at the bottom to give the slight impression that it is rising up like Superman flying into the air.


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