Cinderella Cross-stitch

I've started a series of Cross-Stitch patterns based on Disney Princess Silhouettes. The patterns are not my own and can be found here. However, I am altering the colour schemes of the silhouettes to add a little bit of my own personality to them.

My first one is Cinderella:

This pattern caught my eye because I love the clock design and how it is more than a silhouette. It captures one of the key moments of the story: the moment before the clock strikes midnight.

The original piece:

 I chose to maintain the blue colour theme because of the original piece and to honour Cinderella's blue dress. As I complete each princess, I'll be adding a colour scheme that I feel reflects the piece.

Pictures from my version:
     Front                                                 Back

I chose a navy blue for the main silhouette with differing shades of blue chosen for contrast. I made some counting mistakes as I worked on it, so you might notice that it's shaped a little differently from the original. I also omitted the circle of stars around the outside so that I could fit it onto the 10" frame. On the back I used felt and a blanket stitch. Right now it hangs from a curtain by my computer from a blue ribbon and a safety pin.

The biggest change I did was my experiment with silver metallic thread. I don't know how well it translates in the picture, but I used metallic thread for the numbering. I quickly learned that metallic thread is difficult to work with. It doesn't flow smoothly like regular thread and easily breaks and tangles. After some experimentation, I started pairing it with grey thread and running the whole batch through wax. This made it possible for me to finish, but I've decided that it will be a long time before I do any major work with metallic thread.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work!



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