About this blog:
The primary purpose of this blog is to showcase my writing. I will also publish book reviews, with an emphasis on the genres of horror, historical fiction, and mythology. I will also post about sewing, television, video games, my journey as an aspiring author, and whatever else interests me.
Years ago, I started a tiny blog because I set myself a challenge: to actually read all the books I own before buying any new ones. Well I failed at that miserably because I can't resist new and interesting books even when I'm already in the middle of five others. You can still read some of my old reviews kicking around Goodreads, and I will be cherry-picking some of those to update and republish here. I made a few other false-starts over the years before stepping back from blogging altogether.

I missed having this outlet for my writing and have decided to return to my blogging roots with Blogger, where my original blog used to live.
About me:

I am a writer of dark fiction, particularly horror, dark fantasy, mystery/thriller. I have published a few short fiction pieces with more on the way. I'm also a contributor at The Horror Tree.
I am an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writer's Association and recently became the secretary for the Ontario Chapter. I am also a member of SINC 2024.

Outside of writing:

I studied Anthropology and Classics in University and then taught Ancient Greek Myth/History part-time for a few years. I have also worked as a Legal Assistant for a few years. My interests include embroidery, cross-stitch, reading, video games, and martial arts. I trained in Taekwondo for several years and am currently training in Meibukan Goju-Ryu Karate. I've also dabbled in Fencing, Wing-Chun, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, and Muay Thai.

AI Statement

I do not use generative "AI" to write my work. I develop my own ideas, titles, and writing. Sometimes I will use a random word generator/name generator such as this site to help inspire me to name people/places. I used to use ProWritingAid for grammar and basic style, but have stopped for now.
For me the purpose of writing is TO WRITE. If I'm not writing, then I'm not a writer. 

Further, if the day comes when I self-publish my work, I will not use AI-generated art in my covers, instead I will pay for art made by human artists. Same goes for audio-book narrators.

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