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Stone Blind - Natalie Haynes

My third Natalie Haynes book after the Children of Jocasta and 1000 ships, and to be honest, my least favourite of the three. I had high expectations about what she would bring to the tale of Medusa and Perseus, but I wasn't ready for the pure, raw hatred of Perseus that permeates this story, or the lack of Medusa herself. Like 1000 ships, Haynes rotates viewpoints giving voice to a myriad of unexpected characters. This works well with the Trojan War, as it allows her to bring neglected female characters to the forefront, but the cast in Medusa's tale is much smaller and the added creatures (olives, crows, etc) only serve to detract from the characters that interested me. Haynes is faithful to the myth as most know it, so instead of focusing on what she does with the plot, I'd like to discuss the major characters and what she does with each of them.   Spoilers for the Book from here on out.   Medusa Medusa is still a bit part in her own narrative. Her point of view is limi