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Children of Chicago by Cynthia Pelayo

The Town of Hamelin was suffering from a rat infestation when along came a man wearing pied (multi-coloured) clothing. He promised to rid them of the rats in exchange for payment in gold. The town eagerly agreed, and the man pulled out a musical pipe and lured all the rats away. When he came to collect his payment, the town refused him and in revenge, he again used his pipe, but this time to lure away their children. This fairy tale was taught to me as a caution to remind me to always keep a deal. To pay what's owed. But what if the piper isn't the victim, but the villain? What if what he always wanted was the children? This is one of the questions Pelayo grapples with in her novel, Children of Chicago. This novel takes the tale of the pied piper and turns him into a Bloody Mary-like creature that you can summon from the mirror, only instead of killing you, he'll get rid of someone else for you. Just give him a name and they're gone. But then he comes for his payment...

Update: Moving, Writing, Life - News!

Good afternoon everyone! Personal News: Been a little absent lately. Things have been chaotic in my personal life. Nothing bad - just that we moved and had to unpack. I also changed jobs. I now work full time as a legal assistant again. It's going well, but it's a bit of an adjustment. My worklife has been a bit "flexible" we'll say the last couple of years and I'm happy to have a steady job again. I'm also returning to Karate this week. With my new job, I can potentially afford to start a second martial art.  I'm starting a trial of Kung Fu at the end of September. I've never done Kung Fu and always wanted to try. I'll be blogging a bit about my return to training properly after coronavirus and what I think about Kung Fu - so watch for that. Blog News: I'm going to be getting back on a regular posting schedule now. I will be posting *something* a minimum of once a week. The posts will go up on weekends - sometimes Saturday (like today) but