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Free Epic Game Review - Faeria Developer: Abrakam Publisher: Versus Evil Release Date: February 13, 2020 Description: With its unique living board, Faeria will challenge you with truly strategic card battles. Craft your deck, shape the battlefield, and fight for victory! A strategy game like no other. Build exciting decks and shape the battlefield as you fight epic battles. Raise mountains, build forests, fill lakes, or harness the sands of the deserts. You choose your own path to victory. My Time Spent Playing: An embarrassing amount Review: Faeria was one of the first games I picked up for free on Epic. I played it heavily through the pandemic, but have not played a lot since. I enjoyed the colourful graphics, the deceptively simple gameplay and the strategy. Faeria has elements of Magic the Gathering, but is easier to manage and comes with an evolving board that can impact gameplay. There is lots of solo-play, as well as a multi-player feature that I under-utilized as I do w