Estate Sale by Mia Dalia


Title: Estate Sale

Author: Mia Dalia


It has been said that every small town has a house on a hill, the one the witch lives in. But what if there is more to the story? The devil, after all, is in the details. The old lady of the Koshmaroff estate is finally gone. In life, she was a mystery; in death, she leaves behind a house full of strange, yet seemingly ordinary objects. Objects, which the curiosity-driven locals rush in to buy, only to see their lives take nightmarish turns as a result. No one knew the old lady's husband dabbled in dark magic. No one knew the two of them traversed decades and continents, hobnobbing with the most famous occultists of the 20th century and building their collection. They have acquired such terrible treasures along the way. Come, see for yourself. Step inside for the bargain of a lifetime.



Estate Sale reads less like a novel and more like a collection of dark tales. Each story centres on a strange object purchased at the eponymous Estate Sale of the strange lade Koshmaroff who lives in the strange house on the hill. Each customer is drawn to a particular item that will change their life in unexpected ways. These items include a special telephone, a mysterious pen, a haunted typewriter, and more. The stories are grim little horror nuggets and while some worked better for me than others, they were all chilling.

Weaving these vignettes together is the story of the lady Kosmaroff and her late husband. Their love and adventures take them all over Europe and throughout history as they accumulate their strange collection. Their story is the heart of Estate Sale and what kept me reading through to the end.

If you enjoy creepy little tales, historical fiction, the occult, and a timeless love, you'll enjoy this book.


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