Review: The Irish Heirloom by Carole Mondragon

When Erin’s Great Aunt Maggie passes away, Erin returns to Ireland to look after her estate and property, except Maggie’s will has an unusual clause: Erin must unravel the mystery of an old diary belonging to her ancestor, Bridget. However the diary is more than just words on a page and Erin is pulled into a dark time in the history of her family and Ireland. As she explores the past, Erin also has to deal with the present and all of the villagers who knew and loved her Great Aunt Maggie.

Mondragon’s book is a gentle, easy read–a sharp contrast to the dark works that I usually read. It was a nice break for me. Sometimes the farm shenanigans felt a bit meandering and I would have preferred more focus on the diary and the mystery, but the detailed descriptions and lighthearted humour kept the story going. The descriptions of the locale and culture were a strong part of the story. Even though I have never been to Ireland, I could feel it come alive through this book. 

While this book is not my usual taste, I did enjoy it and would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a sweet, relaxing read with a touch of magic.


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