Monthly Microfiction - June - The Apple Tree

For July's microfiction, I'd like to do something a little different. Recently, I was going through some old things at my parents' place and was delighted to find my first ever publication, a piece of flash fiction called "The Apple Tree". I was eight years old when I wrote this, so please forgive the typo :) .

This was published on November 14, 1990 (yes I'm aging myself :) ) in the Millbrook Times.

I may not remember writing this piece, but I do remember the tree it was based on. Out behind our house there was a small apple tree that I loved to climb. Today the tree still stands, but doesn't bear any apples. Spot, the other star of this piece is entirely imaginary, but likely based on our dog, Singer, a dalmatian.

Nice to see that I used to write happy stories at least once upon a time. I suppose if I wrote this today as an adult, the tree would probably eat the dog.


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