I found this Sleepy-saurus kit a couple of months prior to the first lockdown at a thrift store. Not sure what my ultimate plans for the book were once complete, I started working on it. I thought it was cute and it was my first time completing a kit.

The pattern was pre-printed on each page, making it very easy to follow. There were two flaws though.

1. The string was not labelled. I had to figure out on my own which colour matched which description. This would be a nightmare for anyone who is colour blind. I don't think this was a consequence of the kit being used because I have since acquired other kits and unlabelled string seems to be the norm.

2. Also, the directions were printed on one large two-sided piece of paper. The legend for the symbols was on the back and this kept me flipping back and forth to verify I was sewing the right colour. It wasn't a huge problem since so much of it was the same colour in a large pattern.

One bonus was there was plenty of thread left over that I was able to fold into my collection for later use.

Lessons learned:

I worked hard to make all the X's cross in the same pattern, but I'm sure I missed some. I also learned I need to work on my blanket stitch. You can see some of the flaws in the picture. It's a simple stitch in concept, but keeping the spacing even and transitioning to new threads requires some skill.

In the end, I am happy how it turned out. I'm not sure what these kits cost new, but they are mostly easy to follow.



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