Monthly Microfiction - August - Water



“Your charms won’t work on me. I’m not a regular vampire.”

Mark and Alicia agreed he didn’t look like other vampires.Green skin. Leafy hair.

“Are you a plant vampire?” They snickered.

“Sort of. I feed like plants. Sunshine. Water.”

She relaxed.  Mark put away his cross.

“We’re looking for the vampire sucking our villagers dry. Do you know him?”

“I do.”

Vines darted from his fingers and embedded themselves in each hunter. 

They screamed as the vampire sucked every drop of moisture from them.

“Did you think I just wait for rain?” He laughed and headed for the village.



Note: This drabble was the original source of inspiration that led to my story,

 "The Will of the Forest" published in the first issue of the Hungur Chronicles from Hiraeth Publishing



 Originally published in Bloodlust from Black Ink Fiction 




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