All the Children Shall Lead - C. Marry Hultman

Set in a faraway future where humanity no longer lives on Earth, but in domed cities on Mars, Venus, and the moon, All the Children Shall Lead is a short sci-fi thriller from C. Marry Hultman. The set up reminds me vaguely of the Expanse, where different factions jockey for control over the spaceports and trade routes. In the midst of the politics, a school bus full of privileged children disappears while sailing past the burnt out remnants of Earth.

Enter Hoffman, a man with a dark past living in exile, who is called to investigate the disappearance of the children. He and his team sort through the mystery and as the danger escalates, they realize there is more at stake than just the lives of those children. 

Although I am not a sci-fi reader primarily, I was drawn to the mystery at the heart of this story. While I guessed the answer to the mystery relatively early in the novel, there were enough twists and danger to keep the story engaging. Hoffman and his colleagues are easily likeable and have a good dynamic. There are also several rival investigators of different types all competing for the same answers. The different viewpoints kept me on my toes throughout the story.

The worldbuilding is interesting and the technology is introduced in a manner that I could follow and didn't bog the story down - something that usually puts me off of hard sci-fi. I am curious if there will be a follow up book or several. The world is large with intricate politics and mysteries that I think could be explored in a wider series. I know I'm interested in what happens next.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi, mysteries, or both. 



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