They Lurk by Wesley Thomas

Jack and his brother, Dan, have had a difficult life. Both of their parents died and the brothers were placed with foster parents, who aren’t cruel, but tend to be absent. This has driven them to rely primarily on each other to navigate life. That’s why when Jack starts noticing supernatural monsters in their small town, he turns to his brother, even though Dan is a skeptic and dismisses his fears. But even skeptics can’t ignore everything. Dan can’t resist being sucked into this mystery and the strange happenings around town. 

That’s how I felt as a reader. At first, I was a bit apprehensive of the story. Jack is a unique teenager. A bit of an old soul and I wasn’t sure what to make of him. But as the story progressed, the creepiness of the creatures in their town, the mystery of a killer draining people of Vitamin D, and the detailed descriptions pulled me in. 

Thomas gives the reader an engaging mystery with excellent atmosphere, and a strong bond between two brothers. I was able to make some guesses toward the end about the mystery, but there was a lot that surprised me.

Overall, this story would be good for fans of supernatural mystery and small town horror.


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