Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Had a fun time handing out candy with Rebel the Clown:

Also have an announcement: 

Just released: Halloween Frights from Black Ink Fiction with 3 drabbles by me: The Invitation, The Midnight Statue, and Too Old to Trick or Treat.

My personal favourite of the three is The Midnight Statue because it's loosely based on an urban legend from the city I grew up near about a black angel statue that would supposedly cry at midnight.

And check out this fantastic volume of Halloween flash fiction released last year from The Macabre Ladies as part of their Holiday Horror Series

  Dark Halloween: A Flash Fiction Anthology (Holiday Horror Collection Book 5) by [Eleanor Merry, Cassandra Angler, Brian Scutt] 

Dark Halloween

This work includes my first publication: The Stone House about a costume contest with a mysterious prize.


 How will you be celebrating Halloween this year?


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