Update: Moving, Writing, Life - News!

Good afternoon everyone!

Personal News:

Been a little absent lately. Things have been chaotic in my personal life. Nothing bad - just that we moved and had to unpack. I also changed jobs. I now work full time as a legal assistant again. It's going well, but it's a bit of an adjustment. My worklife has been a bit "flexible" we'll say the last couple of years and I'm happy to have a steady job again.

I'm also returning to Karate this week. With my new job, I can potentially afford to start a second martial art.  I'm starting a trial of Kung Fu at the end of September. I've never done Kung Fu and always wanted to try. I'll be blogging a bit about my return to training properly after coronavirus and what I think about Kung Fu - so watch for that.

Blog News:

I'm going to be getting back on a regular posting schedule now. I will be posting *something* a minimum of once a week. The posts will go up on weekends - sometimes Saturday (like today) but sometimes Sunday.

These posts will include: martial arts, book reviews, general updates, two new series of posts that I will be introducing soon, writing updates, more sewing, whatever. I promise that from now on there will be a post each weekend of some sort. Maybe some extras during the week.


I've started writing Book Reviews for The Horror Tree. You can read them here.

I will still be writing and posting reviews here and you can still send me your requests.

Writing News:

Recently I've had two more publications come out with more of my drabbles in them:


100 word stories about the personification of Death. I have five stories in this collection:

Catching Sisyphus, Thanatos' Due, Sarpedon's Demise - Three stories dedicated to the Greek God of Death. 

Snip - A little window into the life of the Fates (Moirae) of Greek Mythology.

Bride of Death - Loosely inspired by Don't Fear the Reaper


Rock Band

100 word stories inspired by music.

I have two stories in this collection both inspired by classic country music and revenge:

My Man - Inspired by Dolly Parton's Jolene

Reno - Inspired by Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues

I hope everyone has been well. Thanks as always for coming to read my words.




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